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- Scaled the north face of Spearhead on an 8 hour climb in RMNP

- Have designed products for over fifteen global Fortune 500 companies.

- Navigated a sailing trip at seventeen from Sarasota, FL to Nassau, Bahamas and back

- Have been playing with 3D printers for over 15 years


- For fun I design and build custom furniture, lighting, and play with arduino microprocessors

- Designed and engineered a small scale biomimetic wind turbine for residential use utilizing electrolysis cells for zero-loss energy sequestration

- Worked internationally developing products with numerous multi-disciplinary, multilingual teams

- Designed and built a 26’ off-grid tiny home equipped with an aquaponics system, chicken coop, and 1kW solar pv system in 14 weeks for an episode on HGTV (Tiny House, Big Living)

- Designed and built a net-zero residence in Colorado, and then went abroad to Uruguay with a team from Rocky Mountain Institute and assisted a client with a zero-impact residence on the beaches outside of La Paloma









Robert loves old tattered books, Kona coffee, mountaineering, and anything outdoors.

Before starting his studies in Industrial Design he designed the family house at eighteen. Later, he worked in the built environment on commercial and residential LEED building certifications around the world. After doing some soul-searching in full on Keroac style he decided  shaping not only environments, but the products people use on a daily basis would be rewarding. With that, Robert forged ahead with his  degree emphasizing biomimetics and green practice methodologies winning notoriety from the likes of the DaVinci Institute with a biomimetic horizontal axis wind turbine design.

Afterwards, Robert went on to co-found re:thought, a sustainability consulting firm before making the jump to the educational experiential side of the Children’s Museum


Tel: 720-427-9682

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as an exhibit designer, further championing them into Silver certification by the EPA for green construction and Environmental Management System (EMS). There along with the team they prototyped functional exhibits in-house validating STEM teaching methods through play.

Robert then left CMD and the world of exhibit design with the desire to use his skill sets to continue creating positive impact. Founding yet another company, Phi Logic putting sights on design-led disruption with a proprietary process called, Design for Prosperity. 

This process encompassed how the relationship between products, health, and well-being  should play a synergistic role in connection.

Phi Logic grew into one of the most industry-diverse success stories of this century and has to date worked in the renewable energy, City Master Planning & Visioning, softgoods, casegoods, furniture, built environment, consumer packaged goods, electronics, toy design, experiential exhibit design, pet products, outdoor gear, landscape design, and social change projects. 


Robert continued on leveraging design-thinking in the CPG industry with, Skyscraper Inc. as the Senior Industrial Design Director. His side projects include urban agriculture and tiny homes, which can be seen on HGTV building his own tiny home on, Tiny House, Big Living show’s first season, 14th episode.

Ultimately, he acts out of a burning desire to translate needs  into massive impact in every industry.



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