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Our most intimate experience can be our greatest inspiration.

Design is the act of intentional problem solving.

The methodologies used in the design profession are innumerable, whether you call on design-thinking, ethnography, use Agile techniques, focus groups, or storyboard your way to insights the goals are always the same; breakthrough ideas!


As an designer I am constantly seeking new methods to gain insights into things like pain-points, perceived needs, or value-add engineering. To seek with empathy is to understand and solve with humility.

Every industry and project comes with inherent challenges and with that comes a certain pathway to insight. The specifics are addressed within each body of my work.

A unifying theme throughout my work is sustainability. You'll see subtle undertones and more obvious applications throughout my portfolio.


If we are to solve the challenges of our time we must continue to seek balance through efficient material use, resource consumption, and align to needs beyond the consumer.

When we look at the environmental impact of mass-produced consumer goods, housing, transportation, and beyond we see that nearly all implied impact occurs within the concept and design phases. Therefore, seeking efficiencies at the outset is paramount.

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Cast a proverbial stone out into the ether of the ‘nets about design-thinking and you’ll quickly be presented with endless fragments of user-focused, user-centric, consumer-based thinking models for product development.

A shift is slowly amassing in the minds of the people as the term ‘growth’ is being placed more and more under the microscope. The industrial design profession is centrally empathic and human-centered.

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