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Insight and discovery requires humble beginnings.

When teams come from a place of humility there is a surrendering that happens, as all good design embodies a level of open-ended exploration. It goes without saying that insights are discovered through interlaced externality, observable and latent.

Consumer perception drive insights and attributes in product design. Additional layers must often be balanced such as, brand equity, core business models, pipeline for advancing technology, in-house capability, and other passionate beliefs within a team.

Below are a few products developed from such insights.

Staying True to Brand while Capturing Category Trends

Segmentation Research | Brand and Packaging Design

McIlhenny Co. wanted to protect market share while honoring one of the most iconic American brands.

By identifying the behavior and aspirations of the core hot sauce ‘tribes,’ we helped their teams have a previously-unseen understanding of the relationship they have with their consumers. 


The number of residential developments in remote, high fire-prone areas are increasing  and the lack of natural disaster surveillance coverage amounts to billions in damages in land, property, as well as unnecessary family tragedies.


The RWDN is a fully autonomous self-triggering communication system that alerts authorities with longitude and latitude coordinates in addition to current atmospheric conditions when fire-like conditions occur.


This product is all about empowering the visually impaired when it comes to the storage of food. One challenge we all have is knowing exactly when food has gone bad, but even trickier is knowing this when you have to rely on other sensory measures.

The braille lid containment system displays the stored date after it's been set by the user thereby offering a better way to identify food that may be past their safe eating date.


It's challenging to get your child to clean up after a hard day of play, so what if their ride-on toy picked up their toys as they played?

Designed for a client to do just that. This ride-on toy was imbued with super-emotive qualities and parent-pleasing functionality to pick up those barefoot-terrors'.

Because, stepping on Legos is the worst!


It's hard enough finding a reliable coffee mug that doesn't spill, but what about all the rotating and searching for the opening?

This 360-degree, drink-from-any-edge coffee mug eliminates the need to take your eyes off the road when driving to get a drink with its innovative full-rimmed beverage access lid design.


Finding a chair for family outings was never difficult, but there never seemed to be enough storage space for extended events.

Problem solved! This seating solution solves all of these challenges by integrating adjustable storage, hanging clips, and pockets all on a collapsible frame with a wide grip dolly platform ready to roll.


No one likes to see a bike bouncing down the road after coming unclipped from a car rack. Nor, is it a good day if you come out of your house and see an empty rack that was recently storing your bike.

This was a redesign a client asked for that focused on usability, security and aesthetic appeal. The outcome was five exciting new mechanical solutions that fit all existing road bikes and mountain bikes.


This high-end midi-mapped fully customizable sequencer is top of it's class. Comes with a full 32-bit encoder, 16 soft-gel trigger pads, 4 user-specified soft-feel rotary knobs, and high definition read-out display in a compact design for traveling artists.

Comes in multiple aesthetic configurations. (golden sunrise and iceberg white shown)


Designed with sustainabaility in mind, this bike holder uses the negative space of the tree to create the "roots" below. It's a flat-pack design for simple envelope shipping with minimal user assembly by just folding it to shape.

It's 100% recyclable too.

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