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Check out my episode on HGTV's, Tiny House, Big Living - Season 1, Episode 14.

 “…true regional character cannot be found through a sentimental or imitative approach by incorporating either old emblems or the newest local fashions which disappear as fast as they appear. But if you take…the basic difference imposed on architectural design by the climatic conditions…diversity of expression can result…if the architect will use the utterly contrasting indoor outdoor relations…as focus for design conception.”  

- W. Gropius

Piece of mind in a manageable footprint

As aging demographics find themselves nearing retirement and the connotations that come with it, they find themselves in a position of choice. They want solace, simplicity, and the opportunity to maintain a high quality of living without the overhead of a mortgage, or the maintenance that comes with owning a large home. Additionally, young professionals find themselves wanting to maintain a high quality of life, be near their place of employment, as well as the progressive beat that a city brings without the high city costs of renting.



Systems integration in a small footprint offers a piece of mind and efficiencies are not currently found in home ownership. They can also foster a deeper connection with community creating happier, healthier living.

Many hours were spent modeling different use-patterns to fit the active lifestyle. The final design came equipped with a climbing wall, full office, water storage, washer/dryer combo unit, and compostable toilet.



solar pv

Combining hydroponic growing with fishery systems to raise indoor edible greenery in a closed ecosystem puts users closer to knowing where their food comes from and implies a responsibility for their own well-being.

With low-voltage lighting and an efficient split ac unit the 1kW commercial solar array on the roof offers more than enough power generation for off-grid living.

the foundation

chicken coop

I designed a custom trailer for this THOW that boasted numerous improvements from the standard utility trailers available.

Of course, I had to add a chicken coop to the front of the home with a indoor quick-access hatch that allows the user to fetch their fresh eggs without ever leaving the house.



Working with a new SIP system and using it's natural properties to design a dramatic  cantilevered architecture juxtaposed with the curvalinear roof structure to mitigate additional summer heat gain. Additionally, designing this home with renewable energy engineering, floor plan layout and patterning assessments, solar shading verification, PV specifications, light shelving, solar orientation, green material BOM, and  passive ventilation. The result was modeled using DOE-2 in accordance with ASHRAE v90.2 and IECC and conlcuded with a $12 annual utility bill.


Proper orientation and thermal mass are two very important and often overlooked low-cost, low-tech design features. This home features an interior trombe wall (seen in maroon) as well as operable clerestory windows for easy and natural passive ventilation.

This home was also designed with superinsulated walls and ceiling exceeding R-60 and R80 respectively.

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